President Trump’s Border Wall and its Giant Price Tag

A truly free market economy should not only rely on the free movement of products and ideas, but people as well. According to the Libertarian Party website, those who align with the party values believe that peaceful individuals should be allowed to travel freely and the US should welcome immigrants who are seeking a better life.

The path to citizenship, as it stands, is complex, expensive, and lengthy – rather than reasonable and accessible.  The immigration system is in dire need of reform.

In regards to President Trump declaring a state of emergency to fulfill his campaign promises to “Build the Wall” and secure the southern border, let’s discuss the burden that will be placed on American taxpayers.

The total cost of the 1,933 mile long border wall has been estimated between $8 billion to $70 billion. Officials at The Office of Management and Budget have estimated that the government-funded infrastructure is around $24 million per mile. As mentioned in my previous blog post Green New “Debt” regarding fiscal concerns, the same question applies – where are we getting the money to pay for the wall? Our country is $22 trillion in debt.

In regards to land acquisition, 60% of the land the wall will utilize would be forcibly taken away from private property owners.

One thing is clear: There is no national emergency regarding immigration across our southern border,” said Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “Trump may have a political emergency as he tries to keep his anti-immigration base happy… We benefit from letting outsiders in, not by spending exorbitant sums of money..”

Today, Rep. Dan Crenhaw tweeted a statement in support of the national emergency declaration and the border wall. However, Austin Petersen, libertarian political activist, criticizes the statement.


The Libertarian Party’s philosophies do not align with President Trump’s Republican base concerning the state of emergency, immigration, infrastructure, and seizing private property.



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